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Audio Technologist, Anthropologist of Food, Nightclub DJ, IndieFeed, Music Producer.

Eric Gordon earned a degree in Audio Technology from the Physics and Audio Technology Program at American University in Washington, DC and embarked on a graduate degree in Anthropology. His brief but eventful archaeological career included a summer spent excavating George Washington’s dung repository at Mount Vernon.

He has over 20 years experience doing live sound reinforcement and is now such a responsible adult he’s allowed to be near groovy people like the President of the United States, which makes his mother very proud. He also has extensive experience managing a thriving University Audio Visual department, which also makes his mother very proud.

He has 10 years experience as a DJ. Remarkably, this also makes his mother very proud. He’s played at Science Club, Wonderland Ballroom, and Salam and is currently playing at Blackbyrd and L2 Lounge. He’s held residencies at Cafe Japone, Bossa, Artomatic 2004, and Mantis (RIP).

He refuses to play the Macarena.

He keeps MeanLouise in the manner to which she has grown accustomed and in his spare time is Co-Publisher of The MeatBlog, a wildly popular foodblog that began, as many great things do, as a drunken New Year’s Eve dare. We’re not sure how his mother feels about that.

Follow him on twitter: fishinnards.

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